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GH Points. Benefits for you. Benefits for everyone.

Greener Hours sets out to help everyone reduce their carbon footprints by giving us the information to know when the energy flowing into our homes is cleanest. We’re less about using less and more about using better; using smarter, cleaner energy. 


As well as reducing our collective carbon footprint, the Greener Hours community is also sending a clear signal to the energy markets that we support the use and growth of clean, renewable energy. 


On top this these benefits, Greener Hours users also accrue GH Points as they pledge and confirm use of their various appliances either at or close to the Greener Hours. In fact just becoming more mindful of when we turn things on is a major step forward to us having the flexible  and smart demand we need to have a renewables-supplied distributed energy system soon. Which is why Greener Hours awards points for pledging and confirming appliance use within the app’.

Where and how do I earn GH Points?


Right now, GH Points are earned through the following actions within the app':

  1. Pledging appliance usage.

  2. Confirming appliance usage.

  3. Referring new households to Greener Hours.

  4. When referred households (1st and 2nd generation referrals) pledge and confirm appliance usage. 


Some of these points are fixed (e.g. pledges and referrals) and some are dynamic, depending on the underlying action (e.g confirmations and referred Greener Hours household actions). 


Very soon, we’ll be introducing more ways to earn GH Points, as well as different types of points. We’ll also be bringing in special events where extra GH Points can be earned, as well as the opportunity for all Greener Hours users to see where they stand within the wider Greener Hours community.  


With all of these developments, we want to reward a behaviour that we think is more important than ever - the recognition, appreciation and commitment to use energy when it’s clean. And not when it’s not. 


GH Points - delivering benefits to you.


In the next few months we’ll be launching a new area within the app’ and website where users can use their points to take them further and faster on their travels towards a greener, smarter and cleaner future. We recognise Greener Hours users are the future; the smart conscious early advocates who represent a crucial piece in our move to a carbon-free future. So GH Points will earn users multiple benefits with a range of clean- and smart-energy products and services. Our ambition is to start sharing these benefits early in 2021, and we’ll be posting updates on our progress as we get closer. In the meantime, keep earning GH Points. As long as you keep your GH account, you’ll keep all of your GH Points. And in the meantime, think of the benefit you’re creating, and the signal you’re sending. 


Plus GH Points will have a second important role to play.


GH Points - delivering  benefits to those around you.


Our plan is also to have users be able to use their GH Points to benefit local good causes that are important in users’ communities. Users will be able to select local initiatives such as providing new equipment for your local school. GH Points can be given to help deliver those local initiatives sooner in conjunction with Greener Hours and local partners. Users will be able to choose how they split their GH Points between personal benefits and prosocial benefits. 


Our ambition with GH Points is to deliver a win-win-win. A win for the environment. A win for our local communities. And a win for every Greener Hour user in terms of feeling good and leading the change to a renewable future.

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