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About us

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Greener Hours Ltd is a UK-based business focused on making energy - its generation and its consumption - engaging and life-changing for residential consumers. We know mass-scale behaviour change is needed to help drive the UK to being carbon-neutral in its energy mix. And we don't believe the energy companies are currently cutting it. 

We believe technology doesn't transform markets. Behaviour transforms markets. 

We've extensive international and award-winning expertise across marketing, user experience and behavioural science, and are on a mission to combine these skills to give us all a more compelling reason and route to reach a zero-carbon future.

Greener Hours has three Co-Founders: Vanessa Champniss, Martin Pierini and Guy Champniss.

Vanessa's background is in international consumer marketing and communications, having held senior leadership roles both agency- and client-side. 

Martin focuses on customer experience design and innovation, and comes from a business analytics and market research background.

Guy's work is in the commercial application of psychology and behavioural science, and has spent the last five years applying these areas to energy behaviour.

The Team

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