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Time to use energy when it's clean.

And not when it's not.

The energy flowing into our homes changes every hour. Sometimes it's low-carbon, and sometimes it's high-carbon.

Greener Hours is your daily personalised low-carbon energy forecast, so you can reduce carbon emissions,

earn rewards and help us all get to a zero-carbon future, faster. 

We're less about using less. And more about using better.

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Timing is everything.

Did you know the amount of carbon that's emitted when you turn on your washing machine has less to do with the type of washing machine you have, and more to do with when you turn it on? 


Even if you're on a green tariff, the way electricity is generated means your individual carbon impact goes up and down, depending on what time of the day you plug stuff in. Until today there's been no way to know when our energy flowing into our homes is clean.

Greener Hours means you can now plan ahead and use electricity when it's at its cleanest.


More (clean) power to you.

Our early users.

"It has made me chose shorter washes to try and get them done inside GH which is great - it’s definitely helping me to shift my activities and washing programmes." 

Ali (mother of two)

I am hyping myself to do ironing just because of greener hours. A pile waiting since last month”. 


“I’m feeling frustrated now that I’m using “unclean” electricity when I don’t necessarily need to!”

Peter (dad of two)

“I’ve been sharing GH with my family who have all been shifting various things so that’s another 4 households getting involved remotely ☺”

Sally (mother of three)

"Knowing when the Greener Hours are is definitely influencing when we use our appliances!”



Save carbon. Earn points.


With Greener Hours, every time you confirm you've moved some of your energy use towards your daily Greener Hour, you'll earn GH Points. 

Your GH Points will give you access to opportunities to go faster and further in your drive to a low-carbon future. They'll also unlock opportunities to help your community.

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We'd then be able to speak you (occasionally) alongside you using the app. You'd be instrumental in shaping what comes next for Greener Hours. In return, you'd be the first to know our plans and new features as we grow.


Want to make a difference, for those who want to make a difference?

We're actively looking for individuals who are willing to help us build Greener Hours into the consumer champion service it deserves to be. If you're willing, it'd involve you downloading the app alongside getting in touch with us via the (very) short form below.

Become part of our testing community

Thanks for joining forces with us!

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